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Crowning the Singapore’s Next Fashion SuperBlogger 2010

Posted on April 27, 2010

Yes! The results for the inaugural Singapore’s Next Fashion SuperBlogger are already out!  In case you do not know, we have announced it yesterday on Tampines 1 Facebook Page:

From Left: Winner - Lenne Chai; 1st Runner-up - Dawn Poh; 2nd Runner - Sarah Swee

Here’s a compilation of Lenne’s entries for the styling contest:

STYLING CHALLENGE #1: Pleated beige high-waist skirt from bYSI, $49

STYLING CHALLENGE #2: Heels from JWest, $149.90


The psuedo paparazzi team at Tampines 1 (T1) caught up with Ms. Lenne Chai (LC) to ask her about the source of her inspirations.

T1:  Hey Lenne, our heartiest congratulations to you for winning the title of Singapore’s Next Fashion Superblogger 2010! What was your first response when you came to know about your win?

LC:  Thank you very much! My first reaction was confusion, actually. I had no idea the results were already published on Facebook, and I was wondering why people kept congratulating me.

T1:  You are a “full-time media student and a part-time geek who sews and shoots”.  We must say you are indeed very talented.  What are your long term plans?

LC:  I would love to study either fashion design or fashion photography when I graduate from my current course. I suppose the long-term plan would be to avoid mundane jobs and work in a creative environment!

T1:  Where did you get your inspirations while competing in the contest?

LC:  I guess you could say that I was inspired by the key items for the challenges. Occasionally an item would remind me of a certain style or season (i.e. the skirt from week one reminded me of Burberry Prorsum’s S/S 2010 collection), but I did not have any specific looks to portray in mind. The most important thing to me was to find apparel and accessories that would complement the key item best.

T1:  What do you think of our local fashion scene?

LC:  I’m still discovering more about the local fashion scene everyday, but I’m really impressed by what I’ve seen so far. I find works by local talents such as testshootgallery.com inspiring.

T1:  If you can meet a fashion guru (dead or alive), who would it be? And why?

LC:  I’d love to meet any fashion guru, but preferably alive! I’m not sure if he counts as a fashion guru, but James Jean, an artist who has collaborated with Prada a couple of times, probably tops the list. I’m a huge fan of his art, and I’d love to find out what makes him tick.

T1:  Last question. Choose one:  Good Looks or Good Fashion Sense.

LC:  While both factors can really impact a person’s outward appearance, I think I’d still choose an interesting fashion sense over good looks. Good-looking girls are aplenty, I need something else to stand out!

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