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The law of attraction

Posted on December 10, 2010

Are you sorting out your Christmas party invites and wondering what to wear? You probably have gotten your perfect little black dress, new hairdo, new shoes and accessories by now. Most of us would leave the make-up to the day itself, matching eye or lip colors to your dressing or to your party theme.

We want to share with you a BIG secret! There is a sure-win formula that will make you the centre of attraction: Apply RED lipstick!

You must be thinking the color is too loud, but a recent study by researchers at Manchester University (http://www.manchester.ac.uk/) showed men are most attracted to women’s lips amongst the other features. The desirability of a woman increases when she wears a red lipstick color. Full lips are generally more attractive, but the appeal of thin lips increases with application of lipstick.

The study involved tracking eye movements of 50 men as they were shown images of different women. The results revealed that an average man will spend more than half his first 10 seconds gazing at a woman’s mouth if she has applied lipstick. Lips with pink-colored lipstick will hold the attention of males for 6.7 seconds and red keep them hooked for 7.3 seconds.

When women have lipstick on, men gaze at their lips for an average of 7 seconds, just 0.95 seconds are spent on looking at eyes and only 0.85 seconds are spent watching their hair.

Lead researcher, Dr Geoff Beattie, commented that this study confirms that lips are the most sensual part of female body and they play a major role in sexual attraction. Full lips with red lipstick combined with a pout are the most potent weapon in a woman’s repertoire. Regardless of lip type, a woman can secure greater levels of attraction by just applying lipstick.

We recalled watching TV dramas or movies that introduce a sexy lady into the scene – the camera is often focused on the lady applying luscious red lip colour… Woolala!!  That really caught our attention!

We wasted no time in scouting out the variety of red lipstick available in Tampines 1!  Here is our loot which we would like share with you:

LUCIDarling Fantastic Rouge $25.90, Etude House (#01-15)

Left to Right: Tomato Cool Jelly Tint Lip $20, Honey Glossy Rouge $18.50, Lip and Cheek $18.90, Skinfood (#02-19)

Cyber Colour $29.90, SASA (#02-36)

Go on, try out the lip colors and enjoy the attention!

Love, Tampines 1

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