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How to design your own magnet

Posted on December 20, 2010

What can make a gift more special than the one you create and personalise?  If you have missed the recent personalised gift-making workshops at Tampines 1, here are the steps to DIY a personalised magnet gift:

Required materials (Top left to right): Magnet strips, painted ice-cream sticks, alphabet pasta, coloured magic pens, sparkling glue or colour glue, sparkling foam strips.

Form your personalised message & use glue to stick the alphabet pasta to the sparkling foam strip. Use magic pen to colour the pasta while leaving them to dry.

Pick a painted ice-cream stick & design it with the colour glue.

You can use a glue gun or a normal super glue to hold the sparkling foam strip to the ice-cream stick.

Apply super glue to the back of the ice-cream stick and paste on to the selected magnet strip, preferably one with a contrasting colour.

You have now completed your personalised magnet. :)

We hope you will enjoy the experience of creating your own personalized gifts.  We are sure your loved ones will appreciate it.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas & happy holidays!

Love, Tampines 1

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