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The Pro Pac Dog Show

Posted on February 05, 2010 | Category: Lifestyle

Every Dog has its day!

Tampines 1 held its first dog show at the roof terrace last weekend.  Man, we were green with envy over the luxurious life some dogs have!

The Pro Pac Dog Championship Show was held on Saturday while the Companionship Dog Show was on Sunday. The Championship Show on Saturday featured special breeds, well groomed and beautiful structured dogs. Some dogs even had 2 to 3 stylists fussing over their fur.


Grooming specialist preparing a poodle


Check out this beautiful fluffy Hakie!


Eugene from SKC told us that he keeps his dogs occupied by giving them a "career"- as a show dogs. Although he did not bring his 2 award winning Doberman, he told us that the criteria for dogs to win any Championship title is a tough one. "There is more than what meets the eye; we have to see the dog’s fur quality, bone, teeth structure, height, weight and even walking posture."

On Sunday, most are domesticated pets. There was a Best Dressed showdown and some dogs were so cute that we mistake them as… Tiger?


Meet Toby, his tiger strip is marker drawn!


Most costumes are handmade by pet owners.

We managed to interview a few dog experts on how to train our beloved pets for “SHOW”- well we meant for public.


Elsa Soo has 5 dogs. Her Schnauzer (name Whisky) is trained for Search & rescue and it is also the SKC jumper dog of the year 2009. Elsa puts her dogs on raw meat diet. She believes that it not only gives them good fur, dogs evolve from wolves and their digestive system would adapt better to raw meat. She brings her dogs out for walks daily and teaches them tricks to keep them occupied and active.


Amy is an Obedience trainer at SKC. She shared with us that the best time to train dogs is when they are still a puppy. Unlike dogs from shelters which mostly have gone through traumatic experience or were abused prior to their training, they can feel fearful towards humans. Amy believes that although most obedience (basic) training takes around 8 weeks, the REAL behavior training takes a lifetime. "All dogs learn at different pace" (which sounds so human). Her advice is to build your lifestyle in your training so that you can control e.g their eating time, drinking time so that you will not come home to see a mess.

 We saw more than 15 different dog breeds at the show! If you have missed the event, you can check out our Facebook for more pictures. It was an eye-opening experience and we definitely look foward to the next dog show… and since next year is the year of rabbit, maybe we can get to see dogs in bunny suits?……

Love,  Tampines 1

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