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Jade Rabbit Invasion @ Tampines 1

Posted on September 07, 2010

Have you ever wonder what does rabbit got to do with Mid Autumn?  

Well, rabbit (aka “Yu Tu/ jade rabbit”) wasn’t elaborated in the legend but there are a few stories about it.    

One version was that it was a resident on the moon even before Chang’er (Moon Goddness) floated there.  It is  a pet of the “Hung Mu Liang Liang” (Queen of Heavenly God).  After Chang’er floated to the moon, they accompanied each other there.  It is probably why some claim that the shadow on the moon is in a shape of a rabbit and a lady. 

So… we reckon the Rabbit has been away for too long and needs to catch up on the latest fashion.  Hence, he decides to vist Tampines 1 with his bunny family and rock our mall this Mid Autumn!   :)


Everyone was so eager to take photos with the bunnies!



Funny Bunnies trying out the game machines at TZ Active (#05-04) Our Punk Bunny



Our Studious Bunny


Our Sporty Bunny


Our Nerdy Bunny


Our Surfer, Sunshine Bunny


The Jade Rabbits @ Tampines 1 are really cool, fun and fashionable!  You should meet them!  You can spot them frolicking and playing all over the mall this coming Friday, Saturday & Sunday (10, 11 & 12 September 2010).

And don’t forget to bring your camera for some wacky snapshots with them! 




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