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Mid-Autumn must-have…Yummy Mooncakes

Posted on September 17, 2010

It’s time for the families to gather with tea and mooncakes!  There are so many choices in the market so we decided to gather a few colleagues and help to give some suggestions for our shoppers :)
We have sampled all kinds of mooncakes from 4 different stores at Tampines 1 and here are some of our recommendations:


For those who prefer mooncakes with healthy nuts and less sweet, you must get the White Lotus Paste with Pistachio from Rive Gauche Patisserie (#B1-13).  While we find the mooncakes are a little dry for our taste buds, they will be the perfect choice for the health-conscious.


White Lotus Paste with Pistachio

White Lotus Paste with Pistachio


$39.00 for 4 pcs, from Rive Gauche Patisserie (#B1-13)


 Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes in the shape of Rabbits from Icing Room (#B1-K1) is the ideal choice for those who adores all things cute!  It’s super affordable at $16.50 (for 4 pcs) and the more you buy the more you save!  There are 6 unconventional flavours to try.  We gave it thumbs up for the variety, packaging and price.  


Red Bean Melon seed and Orange Walnut Chocolate

Red Bean Melon seed and Orange Walnut Chocolate


White Lotus Melon Seed

White Lotus Melon Seed


Cute packaging

$16.50 for 4 pcs, from Icing Room (#B1-K1)


We have to close the doors to sample D24 Durian Crystal Skin Mooncake and Dazzle Chocolate Mooncake from Emicakes (#B1-15).  We have a hard time cutting the durian mooncake as its crystal skin tends to break apart easily.  But the mooncakes’ presentation is so tempting and the smell is simply irresistable for any durian lover.  What we love most is the unforgettable after-taste of the rich creamy durian.  Yummzzz…


D24 Durian flavour

D24 Durian, $58 for 4pcs, from Emicakes (#B1-15)



Dazzle Chocolate Flavour
For those who prefer chocolates over durians, you may want to try Dazzle Chocolate Mooncakes, $42 for 4 pcs, from Emi Cakes (#B1-15)


We still love the mooncakes with traditional fillings but it is not easy to find one with right sweetness, texture and taste.  So we were so happy when we found the perfect traditional mooncakes at Bakerzin (#01-39/40). We even fought over who gets to bring the last piece home… 

Traditional Mooncake

Traditional Mooncake, $44 for 4 pcs, from Bakerzin (#01-39/40)

Thoughtful Packaging

Thoughtful packaging that comes with knife and wipes!

  Wishing everyone Happy Mid-Autumn!!   

Love,   Tampines 1

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