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Women’s Fashion Basics – 5 Items Every Woman Should Own

Posted on April 16, 2013 | Category: Fashion


If you are guilty of shouting this in front of your wardrobe every morning, we are here to save you!

Ladies never stop shopping, yet, we are never satisfied with the clothes in our wardrobe and shoe racks. In this entry, we are going to show you 5 items you will need to flaunt your femininity at work and play.

1. Little Black Dress

$79 (Dorothy Perkins #01-33) $63.90 (New Look #02-25/26)

$79 (Dorothy Perkins #01-33)                     $63.90 (New Look #02-25/26)

Work: All ladies need to have a LBD in your wardrobe. A classic black dress allows you to accessorize yourself in crazy colours and statement pieces without letting people notice that you are recycling your dress!

Play: When it’s time to party, opt for a LBD that has a sexy cut or uses texture fabrics like lace, tweed or silk wool.

Tips: Although LBD is flattering to every body shape, remember to get the ones which have a cutting that brings out your assets and hide your flaws.

2. Perfect Fit Blazer

Quentin Blazer $35     LAB Consranza $25  (Love & Bravery #03-03)

Quentin Blazer $35           LAB Consranza $25           (Love & Bravery #03-03)

Work: Regardless whether you have an hourglass, pear or rectangular body shape, a fitted blazer will always provide you with a flattering figure. A blazer will instantly make you look formal when you have it over any blouse and even tube dresses (meeting on Fridays!).

Play: strong>Coloured blazers are trending these few years! Collect a few blazers with different colours and length to play on your outfits! Enjoy your dinner with a fitted cropped blazer and off it goes when it’s time to party!

Tips: If you have the budget, this is one item worth spending the money to tailor.

3. Statement Necklace

$53.90     $39.90     $26.90     (New Look #02-25/26)

Left to Right:  $53.90 , $39.90 , $26.90                (New Look #02-25/26)

Work: Accessories like a statement necklace will help to bring out the character of your outfit even when you are only spotting a LBD!

Play: Statement necklace is the no.1 accessory to draw attention to your upper body, especially when you are expecting others to pay more attention to your beautiful face or sexy v-neckline.

4. Feminine Black Heels

$63.90     $73.90        (New Look #02-25/26)

Left to Right:    $63.90 ,  $73.90      (New Look #02-25/26)

Work: You don’t need a pair of killer heels to attract attention. Grab a pair of comfortable black heels with mesh, lash or cut-out details to portray your elegance and style.

Play: If you think that stick thin heels are too uncomfortable for shopping and partying, choose a pair of footwear that have chunky heels, alternatively, you may want to own a nice pair of wedges!

Tips: Comfort is the most important element in choosing a classic pair of heels!

5. Colourful Scarves

$26.90     $19.90    $23.90    (New Look #02-25/26)

Left to Right:    $26.90 ,  $19.90 ,  $23.90                (New Look #02-25/26)

Work: Another must-have accessory in your wardrobe. If you worry about flaunting your flabby arms in your pretty sleeveless blouse/ dress, throw on an interesting printed scarf to draw attention away from your flaws.

Play: You seen how Hollywood stars rock their causal outfit with a scarf around their necks, or even use them to double up as headbands.

Tips: Always carry a scarf around in your bag as you might be really thankful to them when you feel cold in public transport or in a theatre.

Hope this entry helps you to save time standing in front of your wardrobe every morning and no longer waste money on pieces which you will never get to wear!

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