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Special Gifts for Your Mum this Mother’s Day!

Posted on April 24, 2013 | Category: Lifestyle

Mother’s Day falls on 12 May this year. Have you prepared something special to surprise your beloved mum? We are going to show you a few ways to pamper your mum to make her feel so loved!

If you think your mum deserves a break after slogging herself with work and household chores, take some time off your busy schedule to help her with the chores and let her indulge in some aromatherapy from Mt Sapola (#01-12)!





When is the last time you travelled with your mum?
Take this chance to bring her overseas for some sight-seeing and shopping!

There are many wonderful travel packages available at WTS Travel (#04-16) and PriceBreaker (#04-31/32)!

After booking your desired travel packages, it’s time to shop for some traveling essentials at Samsonite (#02-35).


It’s important to travel light, so why not grab this multi-functional shawl at MUJI (#03-07)?



Last but not least, do a makeover for your pretty mum! They have been neglected for too long, and it’s time you make them shine with confidence!

We visited Forever New (#01-28/31) and found these elegant and brightly-coloured pieces suitable for mums!




You may further enhance the outfit with affordable accessories fromDiva (#01-32)!


If you mum love gifts that are more practical and can be shared by the whole family, get this delectable cake from emicake (B1-15)customized for Mother’s Day!


Hope we have inspired you with our Mother’s Day gift ideas!

Here’s wishing all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day! We Love Ya!

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