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Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge – Fairy Doll

Posted on April 09, 2013 | Category: Beauty

Thank you everyone for your participation in voting for your favourite blogger in the Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge! This contest is strongly supported by beauty brands in Tampines 1, namely Etude House, Sasa and Skinfood. Beauty experts from these brands also make up our judging panel.

The Contestants will be judged based on the following criteria:

● Originality – 30 points
● Creativity – 30 points
● Blog Contents – 15 points
● Instagram Voting – 25 points
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For the third challenge, the bloggers were given Fairy Doll as their make-up theme. All the make-up items used in this challenge can be found at Skinfood, Tampines 1.

photo credit to whimsicalityindisguise.com

Let’s take a look at the beautiful looks the bloggers have put together!

Read her make-up tutorial here

Make-up description: I was inspired by the beautiful mythological water sprites and forest fairies for this Fairy Doll make-up tutorial. Wanting to channel their glorious resplendence, I placed sparkling rhinestones around my eyes to add a touch of mystical and whimsy allure to my look.

I used an eye-popping contrasting combination of pinkish lavender eye-shadow with forest green eyeliner to represent the mischievous, playful and sprightly nature of these mythological creatures.

Fairies move lightly, and are graceful and delicate with their gestures. To emulate this delightful and tender expression, I chose to use a criss-cross natural designed set of false lashes instead of a dramatic heavier set of false lashes to complete this soft and ethereal eye makeup.

Judges Says: The make-up, styling plus the scenery background produce the look and feel for Fairy make-up look. I like how Peiting mixed pink shadow with green eyeliner that not many people are willing or dare to try. Her overall looks is very pleasant. Loud and creative fairy make-up. Especially love how she used rhinestones to beautify the eyes.

Read her make-up tutorial here

Make-up description: I wanted to capture the shimmery mystical nature of fairies, using green contacts to capture the enchanting eyes, and green being the colour of nature seemed perfect. Since fairies all look like dolls, what really stood out to me was their porcelain skin, white hair and carefree nature. Also since they are mystical creatures, I also wanted a hint of “cartooness” that will bring out their dreamlike qualities.

Judges Says: Should put more emphasis on the shimmery make-up so as to be in line with her theme. More effort should be put in,  in choosing the wardrobe to tie in with the theme. Wendy makeup tutuorial is very easy to follow. Overall she did achieve her dreamlike and enchanting sweet eye make-up look.

Kelly Konomi
Read her make-up tutorial here

Make-up description: I got my inspiration from Galadriel, the elf fairy queen. She is often seen in movies like Lord of the Rings, Hobbits and many more.

As an avid fan of mystical creatures, I adore her deeply. She holds a special place in my memory as the elegant, respectful and beautiful queen. I love her sweet and gentle facial features which makes every angle of her as lovely as an angel. On top of that, her dewy looking perfect complexion adds an additional child-like look in her. To be able to look like her will be like combining the beauty of a pretty woman and the fresh and innocent look of a child. Not only that, she always has got perfect looking hair even in times of distress. Her lovely long hair with the headpiece simply shows how royal she is!

Judges Says: Good inspiration from Galadriel and the achieve the overall look and feel. Kelly has a very interesting steps for her ears. A princessey, dolly and elegant fairy make-up.

Ying Jie
Read her make-up tutorialhere

Make-up description: My first thought when I was thinking of my theme is a flower fairy, I don’t know why but I will always link fairies to flowers. Flower fairies are petite human-like creatures that live among flowers.

I will be doing a normal feature-enhancing makeup look, bling-ing up the look with some hand drawn flower petals at the corner of my eye. I have picked cool colors to work on, mainly purple and white, so that the overall look will be light and dreamy.

Judges Says: Too light make-up and missing of hair accessory that don’t bring out the flower fairy look. Ying Jie was very smart to use an eyebrow palette to contour her face, definitely not many people will thought of. Love how the flower was drawn. However, it’s a little too simple for a fairy make-up look.

Read her make-up tutorial here

 photo photo1_zpsfb361a48.jpg

 photo photo2_zpsb9f9d0b7.jpg

Make-up description: My inspiration behind this look will be the Ice Queen from Narnia for the icy and cold look with the combination of Arabian Tale of the headpiece and the head cover.

Judges Says: She is the most impressed among all the bloggers. The dramatic eye make-up together with the hair accessories that capture your eyeballs. Elrica fairy tale make-up is very different from the rest. Especially in terms of the character that she choose. Her eye liner and shadow is definitely a plus point. A different kind of fairy indeed.

Read her make-up tutorial here

 photo DSCF9047e.jpg

Make-up description: The earth fairy, also known as an earth elemental, is the nature spirit. Images of fairies have always been depicted as child-like, small but bright. To me, they are somewhat like little dolls that live and breathe in a mythical world that we would never be able to see, except in our dreams, which would be the closest we can get.

Inspired by nature and images of fairies I’ve seen throughout my life, I’ve created this look. Compared to the previous two looks that I did by referencing towards other characters, this is based plainly on imagination and where my brush takes me.

Judges Says: Her make-up did not portray the earth fairy look very much, but I like how she used the flowery crown. This look of Sochii is very soft compare to her previous makeup. It is interesting how Sochii can create an Earth fairy look effortlessly.


We are currently compiling their final results and will be announcing the winners on our Facebook Page soon.
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Love, Tampines 1

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