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Steamboat with a difference at JPot, Tampines 1

Posted on January 10, 2013 | Category: Food

What do you usually feel like eating on a rainy day?

We felt like having hotpot for lunch on a rainy afternoon, so we decided to check out the newly opened JPot – operated by the good people behind Jumbo Group.

Located on Tampines 1’s level 3, JPot offers seven Singapore-style hotpot soup bases, including Superior Broth, Bak Kut Teh, Herbal, Laksa, Silky Porridge, Tom Yum, and Vegetarian.

We picked JPot Superior Broth and Bak Kut Teh. The JPot Superior Broth ($5.80) is a mix of both pork and chicken bones stewed for a classic base stock. The soup tasted sweet due to its lengthy simmering and it went well with almost everything. For those who prefers soup packed with a punch, Bak Kut Teh ($5.80) offers a strong peppery taste and you may find a rib or two in your soup.

We love the way the broths are served in individual pots, which offer a hygienic way to enjoy our hotpot.

One of the highlights of dining at JPot is the buffet of condiments where diners can customize their own sauce to suit their taste.

Condiment buffet which includes chives, sliced leaks, soya sauce, chili oil, garlic oil, sesame sauce, chopped chilli, parsley, vinegar, fried and raw chopped garlic, etc.

Food orders were made via an iPad installed at the side of the table. It was rather easy to navigate the menu on the iPad. Once we clicked and confirmed our order, our selection was sent to the kitchen via WiFi. And within minutes, the food arrived on our table.

The biggest difference between Jpot and other steamboat joints is the freshly made ingredients. Deshelled Prawn ($9.80) is really fresh and springy. We love the fact that the prawns were deshelled so we don’t have to worry about dirtying our hands to enjoy our favourite food. The Premium Beef ($12.80) is a little costly, but it is worth to try the meat which melts in your mouth.


Deshelled Prawns

One favorite dish would be the Fish Noodle ($5.00) which we had fun squeezing fish paste from the tube to create our own noodles. The noodles were nice and chewy without tasting too fishy.

We ordered the Spinach Beancurd ($4.00) which was listed under Chef Recommendation and we had no regrets ordering it. The beancurd was crispy on the outside and smooth in inside.

Another must-try item would be the Cheese Chicken Ball ($5.00). The chicken meat balls looked pretty normal when they arrived on our table as a raw dish. After we cooked them in the soup, we were so excited to see cheese oozing out from one of the balls. The meat balls were bouncy with a pleasant taste. The combination of cheese and chicken meat balls was rather unique and interesting. We would love to try them again the next time we visit the outlet.

Fish Noodle

Spinach Beancurd

Cheese Chicken Balls (Raw)

Cheese Chicken Balls (Cooked)

The serving for each dish is rather small and it may not be enough for those with a big appetite.You may want to check out their set menus which offer a better value for money. The pricing for set lunch starts from $14.80++ per person and set dinner pricing starts from $58++ for 2 persons. High tea menu is from $9.80++ (only available on weekday from 2pm to 5pm).

For more information, visit JPot at Tampines 1, #03-16 (Tel: 65323536).

Bon Appétit!
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