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Men’s Fashion Basics – 5 Items Every Man Should Own

Posted on March 19, 2013 | Category: Fashion

Guys! Have you ever been in a fashion dilemma?

“Should I follow trends that are not suitable for me or wear unfashionable clothes that I feel comfortable in?”

The answer to your question..

Get essential basics that you are able to mix and match for different occasions! These essentials should complement each other and be totally interchangeable while having the quality and comfort you need.

In this entry, we are going to show you 5 items you will need to impress at work and play.

1. White Shirt

Shirt and vest at $69 each   Tie at $49  (Natural Project #02-17)

Shirt and vest at $69 each Tie at $49 (Natural Project #02-17)

Work: A white shirt provides you with ease of pairing up with your formal trousers and blazer for a day in office. White works with any colours!

Play: Grab your favourite coloured or rugged jeans and you are ready to rock the town! Alternatively, if you are looking at a boyish look, match the shirt with a fitted vest and tie.

Tips: Get a shirt that has enough length for you to tuck in, while looking good when it’s untucked.

2. Perfect Fit Blazer

Black Blazer   $199    Grey Blazer   $109  (Natural Project #02-17)

Black Blazer $199 Grey Blazer $109 (Natural Project #02-17)

Work: A black/ navy/ grey blazer is your must-have for work. They usually come in handy for an important presentation, meeting or event. You may even recycle them for your annual dinner dance!

Play: If you wanna be the most charismatic guy at your friend’s party, try wearing your favourite blazer. The blazer will make you look like one mature and successful man as compared to the other guys who went with tees and berms!

Tips: If you have the budget, this is one item worth spending the money to tailor.

3. Dark Coloured Tie

Assorted Ties at $49 each  (Natural Project #02-17)

Assorted Ties at $49 each (Natural Project #02-17)

Work: Forget about monogram of birds, cars and elephants on your ties. A masculine man should be spotted in a dark coloured tie which can bring you from meetings to dinners.

Play: If you are out partying tonight, you may opt for a a vibrant colour, but keep it subtle. Try colours like silver, deep purple, maroon or navy.

Tips: Go for a textured tie (wool or silk knit)if you don’t want your tie to be plain and boring.

4. Black Leather Shoes

Shoes at $149  (Natural Project #02-17)

Shoes at $149 (Natural Project #02-17)

Work: No need much introduction on this. Black shoes is the most versatile and useful item you can have to pair with any coloured belts, pants and document bags.

Play: Dress your leather shoes down with the “sockless” trend. Pair the leather shoes with a fitted pants folded to your ankle to look chic and stylish!

Tips: Lace-up shoes tends to create a more sleek and modern look.

5. Classic Timepiece


ellese $245 POLICE $188 SEIKO $385 (C2 by City Chain #01-11)

Work: Watch is the best accessory a man can have. Get yourself a simple, easy to read face watch from your favourite brand and you can be sure that you’ll “never” be late for your appointment again!

Play: If you find your working watch too formal on your casual days, opt for a watch that comes with a few other coloured/ textured straps to match your outfits or occasions.

Tips: An average man will suit a watch face with 35mm radius.

Hope this entry helps to get rid of your fashion dilemma and direct you to the right pieces that you should spend time looking for!

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