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Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge- Glamourous Doll

Posted on March 27, 2013 | Category: Beauty

Thank you everyone for your participation by voting for your favourite blogger in the Make Me Over Beauty Blogger Challenge! The contest is strongly supported by beauty brands in Tampines 1, namely Etude House, Sasa and Skinfood. Beauty experts from these brands also make up our judging panel.

The Contestants will be judged based on the following criteria:

● Originality – 30 points
● Creativity – 30 points
● Blog Contents – 15 points
● Instagram Voting – 25 points
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For the second challenge, the bloggers were given Glamourous Doll as their make-up theme. All the make-up items used in this challenge can be found at Sasa, Tampines 1.

photo credit to whimsicalityindisguise.com

Let’s take a look at the beautiful looks the bloggers have put together!

Read her make-up tutorialhere

Make-up description: I was inspired by the 1950s bombshell- the legendary Marilyn Monroe for this Glamorous Doll makeup tutorial. Her sultry and dramatic cat eye look that I’ve recreated for this tutorial is definitely iconic and very timeless, and adds a touch of whimsy and playfulness to the look.

The flirtiness and delightful appearance of vintage Pin-Up girls from the 50s also played a part in achieving this look. Combined with sexily tousled hair, a lush pink pout and mysteriously lined eyes with the help of the fabulous products from Sasa, I wanted this Glamorous Doll makeup tutorial to pay homage to Hollywood’s hottest siren, Marilyn Monroe, and call attention to the femininity of women, as well as the effortless intensity of a woman’s sensual gaze.

Judges Say:Her pose is really creative but is a bit out of the theme. The overall glamorous look is being blocked by her hand and difficult to give her a higher marks even i I like her drastic eyes make up. Glamourous doll make-up in a cutesy fashion. I don’t really like how she did her tutorial, I could hardly compare or review her overall make-up or feel.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting): 21+21+12+25 = 79

Read her make-up tutorialhere

Make-up description:When I think of glamour the first images that pop into my head is feather boas, fur coats and so many diamonds and pearls that you feel amazingly rich.

I especially love the look of old Hollywood glamour, think red lips and luscious mink looking lashes.

Judges Say:First glance I am not attracted by her glamourous look.I think she can improve hair styling to compliment the overall look.The only thing I like is her false eyelashes which really catches attention. Her make-up is very different as compared to the rest, especially her bold lipstick which makes her stands out.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting): 20+20+12+20= 72

Ying Jie
Read her make-up tutorialhere

Make-up description: “Glamorous” is fashionable, charming, something unusual and of course beautiful; while “doll” is perfect looking with distinctly big eyes.

Purple was chosen as the color theme as it is a girly color that suits “glamorous” and “doll”, hence the purple eye shadow and the purplish tinge on the lips. I decided on a self-created dramatic eye make up to inject glamour in the look – hence the intense purple eyeshadow used, paired with Super curly lashes and hand-drawn bottom lashes. Gemstones are added to the outer corners of the eyes, to make this look unusual, charming and mysterious. The eyelashes will also contribute to the dolly part of the look, alongside with glossy pouty purplish lips. Base makeup used will be matt, together with a natural peachy blush color to balance out the drama in this look. Lastly, shiny powder will be added to major points of the face to highlight the prominent features.I matched this look with a classy big bun updo as well as a black tube dress to complete the glamorous doll look!

Judges Say:She had met all the criteria of a glamorous doll make-up, but overall look is not impactful enough to match the glamourous theme. Ying Jie took a strong purple as her eyeshadow and her lashes are very eye catchy. But her thick lashes made her eye make-up too top heavy.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting): 22+23+11+15=71

Kelly Konomi
Read her make-up tutorialhere

Make-up description:The first thing that came into my mind when I think about glamorous… is Barbie. I was a Barbie doll collector when I was young and I always long to be like her.

Popular among girls (and guys) of all ages, Barbie is definitely the most glamorous doll on earth! She has been an important part of the toy fashion doll market for more than 5 decades!! The reason for her undying popularity is her perfect features and glamorous style. Her small face with ever smooth complexion, big blue eyes, small pointy nose and perfect looking lips NEVER fail to stun me with her beauty. Always donning with beautiful clothes and beautiful hair, one could definitely imagine what a glamorous date she would be if she’s a real person! She is perfect at every angle, looking glamorous and gorgeous always!

Judges Say:I like her makeover which really look like a Barbie doll, especially with her full golden hair. Indeed glamourous and Barbie alike. Her tutorial include both make-up steps and personal reviews which are useful and informative for her readers.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting):26 + 26 + 11+ 5 = 68

Read her make-up tutorial here

 photo Picture4.jpg

Make-up description: Manufactured by the American toy-company Mattel, Inc. and launched in March 1959, Barbie have been the iconic production of Mattel Inc. With over 50 years of history, Barbie is a fashion doll that set standards for the ideal woman. Light blond volume hair, large blue eyes, luscious lashes, pouty lips and a perfect body with matching long legs.

My look is strongly influenced by Barbie as Marilyn Monroe. The glam fashion doll meets glam American sex symbol, what can be more glamourous than this combo?

Sasa brings in the strongest makeup items, which helped me in creating a strong look which suits the theme to a “G” for GLAMOUR.
Strong eyes and lips are the focus point of this makeup, and sadly I could not secure a blond wig or dye my hair blonde to get that blonde bombshell look like Barbie or Marilyn Monroe but i feel that i rocked my own tresses.

Judges Say:She has chosen Marilyn Monroe as her inspiration, who is the sex symbol in everybody’s eyes. Sochii has spent time dressing up, styling her hair and accessorize herself to suit the theme. She portrayed a very glamourous look spotted in the late 1950-1960.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting):24+25+12+ 0 = 61


Read her make-up tutorial here

Make-up description: Glam up without doing the conventional way of red lippy and a Vava Voom lashes.

Judges Say: No glamorous element can be seen from her picture. The make-up look does not consists of any dark shades. More of an everyday look.

Total Score (Originality+Creativity+Contents+Voting):19+19+10+10=58


New tutorials will be uploaded on the their blogs on 29 March! Do help to vote for your favourite make-up look at @tampines 1 Instagram. Voting will commence every Friday to the following Tuesday, 2359.

See you there!

Love, Tampines 1

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