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Lunch at AOne Claypot House!

Posted on October 02, 2013 | Category: Food

If you have not heard, AOne Claypot House has brought their delicious claypot rice, porridge and hotplate dishes to Tampines 1 (#05-04)!

We were there for lunch last week and it was crowded! Everyone was excited about their yummy food!

Though the restaurant was packed, we were seated promptly, and we were impressed by their service staff’s good product knowledge when we requested for recommendations.


After a short wait, the recommended dishes arrived!

Mushroom Chicken Claypot Rice

The rice was fragrant at the top with the soya sauce and we really liked the charred and crusty rice at the base!  The chicken was well-marinated and tasty, it would be great if we could have more of those juicy chicken.


Seafood Hor Fun

The hor fun was served steaming hot on the claypot, with thick gravy filled with flavoursome seafood essence. We love the generous serving of big prawns, squids and fish which were fresh and tasty!


Hong Kong Style Porridge

If you love the kind of traditional porridge from Hong Kong, you will love this too!
It was filled with a generous amount of sliced fish, cuttlefish, peanuts and fried fritters.

If you want additional munch, order a plate of peanuts too! Goes perfectly well with the porridge!


Minced Pork Century Egg Porridge

Our favourite porridge has got to be this! The tasty anchovies, big chunks of minced pork and century egg reminded us of the homecook porridge which Grandma used to prepare for us. Definitely a comfort food during a chilly afternoon.


“Cai Pu” Egg

How can we miss this dish when you are eating porridge? A must order signature dish! The egg was moist on the inside and the surface pan-fried to perfection with a crisp. Cai pu is a traditional chinese preserved vegetable which adds flavour to the egg with a bit of saltiness.


If you are wondering what comfort food will warm you up on a rainy day or if you are craving for claypot dishes (in air-conditioned comfort!), AOne Claypot House will be your best choice now!

See you at Tampines 1 soon!

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