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Get Your Home Organized with Howards Storage World (03-08/09)

Posted on March 24, 2014 | Category: Lifestyle

Are you always troubled by how you should go about organizing your home?

When you got an entire house that needs to be organized, it is easier to break the task into smaller projects, and make use of readily available smart solutions. Your job is already easily half done!

Howards Storage World (03-08/09) provides home solutions that make home organizing a lot easier to manage, and saves you time and effort to keep things where they should belong.

In the dressing room, the vanity table is often the most difficult to organize as they are simply too many skincare products, makeup and accessories that are of different sizes that needed to be arranged. We often find expired skincare products because they are hidden away in a clutter, or tarnished and scratched jewellery which are not kept properly.

In order to make sure all the products are kept neatly, you may want to use these clear containers that are tailored to organize your vanity table. No more forgotten products and wasted jewellery anymore!

The study or working table needs to be organized too,  so that your stapler  and pens do not go missing. These space savers not only help to put things in place, their stylish designs also help to perk you up when work stress you out!

If you have trouble getting your littles ones to keep their toys after playing with them, having these colourful and interesting containers will help to entice them to do their part to keep the home clean and tidy! This will also cultivate them to be responsible kids who will take care of their belongings.

Owning a walk-in wardrobe might be everyone’s dream. But in reality, many of us could not afford a full fledge wardrobe due to space constraints. At Howards Storage World, you are able to customize your wardrobe based on the storage space you need and how you want your things to be organized!

Travel enthusiasts always find it troublesome when they organize their winter essentials because all stuff are usually kept in cartons, or large luggages, making them difficult to be accessed. A great and simple way to store them is to put them in flat transparent containers, so you will know which one contains your jackets, and which one contains your gloves and scarves.

The kitchen is often one of the biggest areas of clutter in your house. You need to think about how you should store your dry food, spices, snacks, as well as washing detergents at your service yard.

These airtight containers and shelf helpers will help you get your kitchen cabinets neatly organized.

Having your washing detergent and clothes pegs stored in these specially designed containers will make your service yard more lively and colourful.

Let’s not forget the importance of laundry baskets. They help to segregate your laundry into light, dark coloured clothes and clothes that need special washing instructions.

In our latest Youtube video, Howards Storage World will be sharing how you can organize the common areas of clutter in your kitchen such as kitchen cabinets, drawers and how to store your cleaning equipments and detergents.

Watch the following video and stand a chance to be one of 10 lucky winners to win a $10 Howards Storage World voucher each by answering this simple question!

Which kitchen storage tip do you find most useful for your home and why?

Email your answer to tampines1.promo@gmail.com by 31 March 2014.

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