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Gift Your Mum Some Love This Mother’s Day!

Posted on May 07, 2014 | Category: Lifestyle

Mother’s Day falls on 11 May this year, which is only 5 days away!

Mother’s Day is one special day where Mums deserve to take a break from their chores, relax, enjoy a scrumptious meal and be showered with love in the form of gifts!

We took a walk in the mall and found some really great gifts that might be perfect for your mum!

Surprise your mum with crystals and precious stones accessories! Kush Crystals (01-45) houses a wide range of affordable quality stones that each has a benefit ranging from Health, Luck and Harmony etc.

If your mum’s favourite is GOLD, TianPo (01-49/50) has the answer for you! You can get your mum a Mother Day’s special pendant, or bring her to select her favourite piece(s)! After all, it will save you all the headache from guessing which design she prefers.

If you wanna pamper your mum with a full makeover, so that she can break out from her usual boring outfits or hairstyles, why not consider the following ideas!

Fortune Wigs (04-05) carries a wide array of wigs that can help to create different looks for your mum. Wigs has become fashion accessories for many women, young and old. Why not take this chance to convince your mum to try out different hairstyles, without going for a haircut!

Your mum may not like to be spotted in thick eyeliner and red lips, so why not try out some simple Korean looks on her? Start simple with some pink blush and glosses from Etude House (01-15), so that she can feel confident just by looking more radiant and youthful!

You hope to get your mum a new bag, but know that she doesn’t like you to spend too much money on a casual handbag? S.T LOUIS (01-46/47) carries trendy yet affordable bags which you might be able to grab 1 or even 2 to match her outfits for different occasions!

Universal Traveller (03-25) is giving out FREE multi wear shawl when you make a purchase of $180! A great accent piece that your mum can bring to anywhere she goes.

Last but not least, select some of her favourite accessories at Esprit for 20% off! It’s time to indulge in an accessories spree for your mum (and yourself)!

Yum yums.. If your mum is a food lover like us, bring her to Fish & Co. (04-11) and LENAS (03-K1/K2) to enjoy a scrumptious Mother’s Day meal!

Surprise her with a bouquet of her favourite flowers or Carnations in the middle of the meal to make her heart melt. Rope in your Dad for this romantic stunt!

Fancy a sweet dessert at home after a scrumptious meal?

Get one of these Mother’s Day special cakes at Awfully Chocolate (03-21) and Emicakes (B1-15)!

Here are some practical gifts for your mum!

Get these accessories and vanity organizers at Howard Storage World (03-08/09) to store her jewelleries, makeup and even skincare products to ensure her beauty space remains clutter-free!

Our favourite on the list! MASSAGE CHAIRS!!!

Bring your mum to Gintell (04-29) to try out the massage chair that suit her needs most. Psst… It’s a great gift that may be shared by the whole family!

We hope this entry has given you insights on what to get for your mum this Sunday! Most importantly, make time for your loved ones, and cherish them. After all, that’s all that matters to them.




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