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It's Time To Get Your Hands On 4Fingers Crispy Chicken

Posted on May 28, 2015 | Category: Food

4 Fingers (#01-39/40) has finally joined the Tampines 1 family tree, offering hand-painted crispy chicken with a twist!


We had a great time tasting all their signatures, and here's our thoughts!

Mushroom & Tofu Salad ($6.95)

The warm savoury salad is a great full meal for vegetarians, as well as diners who want to have a healthier side dish. The portion is big enough for 2-3 to share, and the veggies is great choice to complement the fried chickens.

The fried tofu is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, fully soaked with the Soy Garlic dressing. The thinly sliced mushrooms is also sauteed to perfection, and if you are someone who is afraid of the overpowering mushroom taste, you would love this!

If you would like to chew on something else in your salad, Seafood Salad and Chicken Katsu Salad are great selections too.


Wings & Drummettes (6 pcs for $7.95, 12 pcs for $14.95)

Here's 4Fingers specialty; Wings and Drummettes!
For your set, you may have them in flavours of Soy Garlic, Spicy or enjoy the best of both worlds!

The Soy Garlic is tasty and crispy, while the Spicy ones are more moist and really great for the hot lover!


Chicken Drumsticks (3 pcs for $8.95)

If you wanna know how it feels to bite into a huge fleshy piece of crispy chicken, order this and risk getting addicted!


Piping hot juicy meat revealed under the thin crispy skin, hand painted with Soy Garlic marinates.

Seeing is believing..


Chicken Burger (Meal at $7.95)

Craving for a huge filling burger with thick boneless crispy fried chicken?

Wish granted! Other than the crispy chicken that kept us going, the special mild curry flavoured sauce keeps us going "hmmmm", with every bite, non-stop.


Seasoned Fries ($2.50/$3.50)

Why not go all out Korean when you are at 4Fingers! Get your fries seasoned with Kimchi powder or Seaweed & Chili Pepper. The seasonings are generous, and you can taste them on every fries!

We love their efforts to incorporate Korean flavours without changing the essence of our favourite fries!


Kimchi Coleslaw ($3.50)

The kimchi-seasoned coleslaw is a refreshing twist to the cold "salad" we always had with our fried chicken. This cabbages is so crunchy and appetizing!




If you enjoyed the food or service at 4Fingers, feel free to pen your thoughts and scribble your love on either of the 2 pillars and post it on Instagram with the hashtag #4fingerscribble! 



EXTRA good news for the students! Enjoy $3 off ala carte and combo meals by flashing your student pass!
See you at 4Fingers soon! 


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