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Great Steak, Have It Your Way At Pepper Lunch!

Posted on March 02, 2015 | Category: Food

Pepper Lunch (B1-16) is now at Tampines 1!

The affordable restaurant promotes a DIY fast service concept, where you can enjoy a dynamic and fresh culinary experience by having your favourite dishes your way! It offers a wide variety of dining favourites such as sizzling steaks, pastas, curry rice and their signature Pepper Rice!

Shake Shake Salad ($2.80)

The fun and refreshing Shake Shake Salad is a great appetiser to start your meal at Pepper Lunch! Generous serving of cherry tomatoes, lettuces, carrots, croutons etc. and 2 packets of Japanese Roasted Sesame Dressing was served in the tall cup. We recommend you to put 1-1.5 packets of dressing as 2 packets were too sweet for our liking.


*Add in the dressing and shake it all up!*


The Giant ($19.90)

The Giant really lived up to its name! A huge piece of well- marbled and juicy Ribeye was served with fluffy mashed potatoes, sweet corns, crunchy long beans and rice! For diners who want their meal to be full-flavoured, you may also enjoy the exquisite brown sauce served to fulfil your primal needs. 

This is our favourite dish at Pepper Lunch which we can't stop munching. The generous serving of Ribeye was thick, succulent and tender. You may have your steak when its medium rare, or let it sizzle till its medium-well. Have it your way!


 *Close-up of The Giant for your viewing pleasure* Drools...


Cheesy Omelette with Curry Sauce (Chicken) ($19.90)

This dish is suitable for diners who want it all! The stretchy cheese complements well with the moist omelette, and the thick chicken cutlet was tender and succulent, good even on its own. The curry is served separately so you can add any amount to the chicken to suit your taste buds. 




Beef Pepper Rice ($9.90)

This dish is Pepper Lunch diners' all-time favourite! The dish came with an unrivalled union of chuck tender and shortplate beef slices for the ultimate beef aroma and taste. Served sizzling hot on their signature teppan with the trusted combination of Japanese rice, crunchy corn, signature margarine and freshly ground pepper. 


Customise your pepper rice with their exclusive Honey Sauce and Garlic Sauce.



After the hearty meal, it's best to treat yourself with a delectable sweet treat!

Lychee Float ($3.90)

Creamy vanilla soft serve with Lychee flavoured soda instantly freshens you up from the flavoursome meaty meal!



Cinnamon Ice Cream (New!) ($1.80)

Vanilla soft serve with Cinnamon powder! Yes, this dessert is a delighting surprise to end the meal!
The aroma of the Cinnamon was indeed a great add-on to the sweetness of the ice cream. Yummy!



Don't feel shy if you are drooling over the tempting food photos, because our stomachs are also growling as we type this entry. So we gotta hurry off and get ourselves a well-deserved meal at Pepper Lunch now. Tata!

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