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6 Closet Essentials For Your Sports Luxe Ensemble

Posted on October 16, 2015 | Category: Fashion


Alexander Wang and Karl Lagerfeld have shown their appreciation to #fitnessinspiration by tailoring on-the-go gym outfits to suit busy executives. This fashion revolution has brought along an upswing focus on lifestyle and wellness. 

Pull off this global fashion trend quick with our styling tips, and be inspired by the different outfit coordination ideas revolving around the six staples. 

1. Jogger

Enjoy hassle-free transition from office to gym wear by switching up heels for trainers. If you're nervous about wearing this to work, top it off with a blazer. Another alternative would be to dress up your top to wave the attention away from those comfortable joggers. We suggest working with luxe fabrics - Satin, faux leather and silk. 



2. White Top

When in doubt, wear white.  White tops are classic and versatile. We picked up three looks for easy mix and match. 


3. Bomber Jacket 

They certainly don't sound foreign to you, having been in trend for four consecutive years. With so many variations in designs and material selections, we have gathered some fashion references to help you in styling!

Be cautious what you pair them with. If you wish to go for a sports luxe appearance, avoid pairing your bomber jacket with jogger. Opt for tailored pants and jeans instead. 


4. Sneakers

Coffee > Office > Gym, your feet deserve some love so pamper them with well cushioned foot wears. 


(A little sneaky shoe tip): Since you're always on-the-run, don't let dirty sneakers slow you down from your hiatus! Waterproof and stain-proof your beloved sneakers with bee wax and a blow dryer. Voila! Clean shoes everyday.  

5. Trusty Sports Bra 

A well fitted sports bra is considered as one of the most crucial fitness equipment. Boost your confident with the right fit that offers great support. 


 6. Not-so-gym Bag 

Forget about conventional gym bags, thanks to athleisure, you now have more designs to choose from. 


When form meets fashion, you know you have to invest in this trend.  If you are new to this, start from either of the six basics and master them before exploring other exciting fashion pieces and you'll be on the right track. 

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