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Athleisure | 3 Easy Looks for 3 Occasions

Posted on October 02, 2015 | Category: Fashion

Sport fashion is hitting this fall season fashion runways and has become a prominent fashion and lifestyle trend. Hop onto this bandwagon and switch up your wardrobe to fun, comfy and sporty outfits!

Check out the 3 exciting outfits to help you dress up for three different occasions.


We are going in the direction of creating a sport luxe ensemble by tapping on the monochromatic palette with a subtle splash of colours to the outfit that is appropriate for work and still showcase your sporty side.

Pair your 9 to 5 staple shift dress with a Zipped Jacket that can double up as a blazer to turn your work wear up a notch. Complete the monochromatic look with comfortable sneakers.

With this look, display no guilt in introducing colours so throw in a pair of pink shades and a modest clutch.


TOPSHOP (02-16): 1. Zipped Jacket  $109

Hi Style (02-32): 2. Monochrome dress  $29.90

Recoil (02-03): 3. Sunglasses  $29.90

MECO (02-23): 4. Clutch  $12.90

Skechers (03-02): 5. D’Lites Wild Prada Trainers  $149



Dress stylish yet comfortably while you’re on the run with your girlfriends to check off boxes in the long list of #squadgoals.  

Transit colour such as pastel pink off the high fashion runways straight to your outfit with cool shades! 

If you are going to grab some cocktails or have a quick brunch with your girlies, a clutch can look fun, casual and well-put together all at the same time. Feel good and look good!


Tracyeinny (02-20): 1. Zig-Zag Shift Dress  $29.90

Recoil (02-03): 2. Sunglasses  $29.90

MECO (02-23): 3. Clutch  $12.90

DOT (02-01): 4. High Top Trainers  $139



Figuring out what to wear to school every morning can be such a chore, check out what we have pieced together. 

White-and-grey tone is extremely versatile; make use of this combination to mute the outfit before you thrown on stylish bag pack as your fashion statement. Simple yet still looking très chic!


MDS (01-13/14): 1. Patterned Crop Top  $35.90

Hi Style (02-32): 2. Wrap Skirt  $25.90

Skechers (03-02): 3. D’Lites Wild Panda Trainers  $149

Tracyeinny (02-20): 4. Triple Cord Necklace  $22.90

DOT (02-01): 5. Backpack  $99

Have we inspired you in creating your own unique style as we broke down the trend and identify the key pieces you should add into your wardrobe?

Be experimental and take on risks! You will never know how sport-inspired fashion might just be your new favourite style.

Always remember, live to dress well and dress to live well! Catch us next time for more fashion tips!

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