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3 Looks Rocking Sport-Inspired Men Fashion

Posted on September 18, 2015 | Category: Fashion

Men are usually wary of being trendy and fashionable because it seems too much work just to look good in all that uncomfortable layers of clothing.

However, good news is, sports-inspired fashion are currently in trend! Now you have no excuse to be both fashionable and swag in athletics inspired numbers.

We found an interesting Mesh Jacket and a Numbered Tee at MECO, and decided to create 3 sports inspired looks for the guys! The individual pieces are great numbers to be cooperated in the daily outfits for guys with any style!



Be a trendsetter among your group of friends with a touch of refreshing colours in your outfit! 

We matched the Mesh Jacket with a mid-calf Drop Crotch Pants that shout "Swag!". The pants is not only comfortable, it's also a great piece to instantly pump up your look to the next level of stylish without making you feel uneasy. The deciding factor that would really make you stand out from the rest is the pop of colours from the cap, blue shades, and bright sneakers! If you are a fan of portable charger (which also indicate your addiction to stay connected), you would need a chic canvas pouch that can keep your cables and charger safe in place.


MECO (02-23):      1. Mesh Jacket  $62.90            Tee  $28.90    
                                2. Drop Crotch Pants  $42.90    
                                5. Canvas Pouch  $12.90
Hi Style (02-32):   3. Snapback Cap  $19.90
Recoil (02-23):      4. Shades  $29.90
DOT (02-01):         6. Adidas Sneakers  $89



The humid weather and cold lecture halls shout for a comfy versatile outfit!

There are no rules that men are not allow to wear leggings.  Check out MECO’s fashion statement star leggings offering coverage and encourage flexibility in movements under No. 8 Shorts. Showcase your colourful/bright personality as we add pops of colours to this monochromatic arrangement with yellow shades, navy plimsolls and stylish and roomy Adidas backpack.

Be ever weather ready and stay #2cool4school. 

MECO (02-23):      1. Mesh Jacket  $62.90            Tee  $28.90    
                                2. No. 8 Shorts  $33.90            Stars Leggings $28.90                                    
Recoil (02-23):      3. Shades  $29.90
DOT (02-01):         4. Adidas Backpack  $79
Hi Style (02-32):   5. Navy Plimsolls  $39.90


Dressing casual does not mean you can’t look well put together and cool; you can now have the best of both worlds!

We have balanced out the edgy look of the mesh jacket with casual comfortable drop crotch jogger. On days when you are running light errands, a backpack may not be necessary, opt for a tote instead, that has enough storage space for all your items. The camouflage tote can comes with a separator pouch, saving you the trouble of rummaging! Finish off this Korean street style look with cool Adidas kicks! 

MECO (02-23):      1. Mesh Jacket  $62.90            Tee  $28.90    
                                2. Drop Crotch Pants  $55.90
                               4. Camouflage Totebag  $59.90
Recoil (02-23):      3. Snapback Cap  $29.90
DOT (02-01):         4. Adidas Sneakers  $89

Hope the "Athleisure" trend will boost your confidence in being the next limelight in the crowd. To start small, you may start layering sportier numbers such as bomber jackets, sneakers etc. into your outfits, and take your time to explore and experience!



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