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5 Snacks to get during the June School holidays

Posted on June 02, 2016 | Category: Food

The school holidays are finally here! During this one month holiday, many families usually take this chance to travel. But many also choose to stay in Singapore to catch up on their school assignments, meet up with friends and catch up on their favorite dramas / games.

For those who frequent Tampines 1 will know that we have a range of F&B outlets from food kiosks, snacks and restaurants. We have compiled a list of MUST-HAVE snacks you can find here for the June Holidays!

1. J.Pops Donuts from J.CO Donuts & Coffee (#01-08/09/10)

Do you always feel like you can’t decide on which flavour to get when you buy donuts? If you are like us who can’t just stop at 1 donut cause of the many flavours they have, there’s J.Pops now!


You can have all the flavours you want without taking in THAT MUCH calories. You can even get a box of 24 and share it with your friends.

 2. Pizza from Proofer Boulangerie (#B1-30)

Do you agree with us that pizzas are the best comfort food? Especially when it is served hot fresh from oven. The pizzas from Proofer Boulangerie is definitely the most value for money kind of pizza. With spilling toppings on top of freshly baked dough, every bite is so good!


Some of our personal favourites have to be The Carbonara and Proofer Signature. The Carbonara has crispy bacon, ham and potato with a light cream sauce while Proofer Signature comes with pineapple, fresh ground beef, ham and grilled oregano chicken. If you are a fan of local delights, you can also try the Singapura Satay, which has pineapple and chicken with peanut sauce.

At only $3.90 per quarter and $12.90 for a full whole pan pizza, it is not only tasty, it is also friendly on your wallets.

 3. Thai dessert and snacks from Tuk Tuk Cha (#B1-K2)

Of course we are talking about Thai Milk Tea and Coconut Ice Cream when we mention Thai desserts and snacks. The Thai Milk tea here is so authentic with them using authentic Thai ingredients to brew it fresh daily.


The other favourite here will be their Aloha Coconut Shibuya thick toast. One bite into this toast and the coconut ice cream brought us back to Bangkok. All ice cream are imported from Thailand directly and their shibuya toast comes with 4 different flavours (Aloha Coconut, Tuk Tuk Matcha, Mango Tango and Chocolate Goodies).


 4. Afternoon tea break at Miam Miam (#B1-05)

Who says you can’t have high tea with your friends out of town area? With Miam Miam launching their afternoon tea break items, you can meet up with your friends over Soufflé and tea near your home.


Signature Soufflé (4 different flavours: Vanilla, Chocolate, Matcha or Kuro Goma) 


Original Soufflé Pancake

5. Fried Chicken Bento Set from Hot Star (#B1-K3)

When you visit Hot Star, how can you not try their Signature Large Fried Chicken? What is even better now is that you can get to have it in a bento set!


Other than their Large Fried Chicken Bento set, they have it in Popcorn Chicken Bento set and Chicken Wings Bento set. Prices start from only $4.90 and it comes with rice, vegetables and a drink!

It’s the school holidays so it makes perfect sense to relax a little and indulge a little to reward yourselves after all the studying.

Do you have other snacks which you love from Tampines 1? Share it with us!

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