Transform Your Look With These 7 Beauty Makeovers

Out with the old, in with the new: it's time to get all primped up in the beauty department!
As we start heading back to work and socialising a little more, it can feel uneasy stepping out into the real world without screens, cameras or filters to hide behind. Thankfully, we’ve sussed out seven beauty trends for your eyebrows, nails, hair and skin to give you an instant update and upgrade! 
If you’re wondering why we’ve chosen these makeovers, the answer is simple: they have the power to efficiently transform your appearance in stunning and remarkable ways. So, pamper yourself with any one of these treatments to pursue the most beautiful version of you, and rock the upcoming festive season with confidence!

Beauty Makeover #1: Reverse skin aging with skin boosters

Get luminous skin and reverse ageing instantly with a K-Beauty skincare secret at Theresa Beauty —
skin boosters!
What are skin boosters
Want to know the secret to clear, dewy and radiant skin sported by all our favourite Korean celebs? Well, it’s the highly popular Korean beauty trend, skin boosters! A painless, facial injection treatment where hyaluronic acid is injected under the skin to stimulate the formation of collagen. The secret of this treatment is in the ingredient itself, hyaluronic acid, a naturally occuring compound in the body that helps our skin retain moisture. When injected into the skin, it induces the formation of collagen, essentially reversing the ageing process by quenching dehydrated skin. 
Why you need it
Most of us lack sleep and experience some form of stress on a daily basis. These factors result in natural skin ageing, such as loss of moisture and elasticity. If your skin seems more flaky, cracked, uneven or dull, with appearance of enlarged pores, fine lines and/or wrinkles, skin boosters may help reverse these signs of ageing. 
How it works
  1. Numbing cream is first applied to the skin.
  2. When ready, a series of micro-injections deliver hyaluronic acid just below the skin’s surface. 
  3. Your skin will start to absorb the hyaluronic acid serum. 
  4. Collagen regenesis starts to occur in your skin post-treatment. Your pores and scars will gradually start to shrink, resulting in a more clarified and fresh complexion!
  5. Within three months of your first treatment, watch as your skin becomes smoother and softer. Regular maintenance visits are recommended.
It is said that getting a skin booster treatment is the equivalent of applying 1,000 masks, as it intensely replenishes your skin’s moisture. Other results you can expect include refined pores, reduced wrinkles, and enhanced complexion. This 60-minute non-invasive treatment has no downtime, which means you could get it done during your lunch break, and head back to work right after. 
Glam, set, go!
Experience a Rejuran Skin Booster Rejuvenation Treatment (2ml) for only $211 (U.P. $400) at
Theresa Beauty located at Tampines 1

Beauty Makeover #2: Get fuller eyebrows with Brow Lamination

Go bold with thick and fuller-looking brows, with Brow Lamination at Browhaus.
What is Brow Lamination?
Brow Lamination is the latest brow perming technique for thicker and fuller-looking brows that last up to four weeks. This non-invasive brow treatment can lift, set and style your brows to fill in small brow gaps, and give you beautiful and natural-looking brows. Brow Lamination is different from Brow Resurrection or Brow Embroidery, which is more of a semi-permanent brow embroidery treatment that creates natural-looking strokes in each brow strand.
Why you need it
Well-groomed brows have the power to accentuate your features and help you look refined and polished. And with mask-wearing these days, the one thing people will be looking at are your eyes - and brows! Suitable for men and women, Brow Lamination is perfect if you have unruly, thinning brows, or gaps. You can get your arch raised and extend your brow tails, for fuller and more flattering eyebrows.
How it works
  1. Brows are prepped with cream.
  2. Brows are brushed and lifted upwards to fill gaps and define arches.
  3. Once in place, a setting cream keeps them in position.
  4. A nourishing undercoat is applied to style and nourish your brows. 
Enjoy thick luscious brows with a lot more definition and dimension, achieved with this lifting and styling technique. In fact, this non-invasive treatment is not painful at all, and takes less than an hour!
Glam, set, go!
Give Brow Lamination a go for only $48* (U.P. $160) at Browhaus, located at Northpoint City and Tampines 1. *This package includes brow tinting and brow tweezing.

Beauty Makeover #3: Achieve brow perfection with microblading

Microblading at Allure Beauty Saloon requires eyebrow artists to etch each hair by hand, to create
naturally beautiful brows.
What is microblading?
Microblading (also known as eyebrow embroidery) is a technique where an artist creates the most ideal shape of brows for your features. The artist will use a tool that looks like a pen with a tiny blade dipped into colour pigments, to gently draw or etch individual “hairs” on the surface of your skin. 
Why you need it
If you are a perfectionist and find yourself spending way too much time in front of the mirror drawing on your brows only to get the shape totally wrong, this semi-permanent brow technique is a hassle-free solution for you. It will help you maintain perfect, natural-looking arches all day, everyday. Unlike tattoos, the colour is not applied on a deep layer of skin, and can last you from 12 to 18 months! 
How it works
  1. Brows are cleaned and prepped for treatment by removing surrounding hairs. 
  2. A cream is applied to numb the area and allowed to sit for around 30 minutes.
  3. The artist evaluates your brows based on your facial features, and draws on a “tester” brow shape to your liking. Your brow shade is also chosen at this point.
  4. The microblading starts once you’re satisfied with the “tester”, where featherweight strokes are gently etched on the skin. 
  5. Once complete, the artist checks the final results from different angles and under different lighting. 
  6. In six to eight weeks, a touch-up session is necessary to fill in any gaps that may have formed. 
Because microblading is a manual process, where the brow artist etches very fine strokes of “hairs” individually, and the strokes are finer than most tattooed brow techniques out there, your brows will come out looking naturally perfect. The shape is also completely customised to your facial features. 
Glam, set, go!
Experience microblading at Allure Beauty Saloon located at Tiong Bahru Plaza with its Basic Eyebrow Embroidery for just $138 (U.P. $212).  

Beauty Makeover #4: Unleash your inner rockstar with a shag cut

This choppy, layered hairstyle from the '70s is totally back and better than ever! Get your “shag” haircut from
De Arte Hair Studio. 
What is a shag haircut?
Shag haircuts were made popular in the ‘70s, but they are definitely making a comeback especially on the red carpet, this time, edgier than ever. Imagine a very “rock and roll”, “just got out of bed” style, that looks effortless. It features very choppy ends, plenty of layers and texture, plus a touch of natural waves. The key to a good shag haircut is in the fringe as well, which should frame your face perfectly.
Why you need it
If you’re looking to add some attitude to your look or carry a refreshing “cool girl” vibe, this is the cut for you. It’s also made for those who are too lazy to style their hair on a daily basis, as it’s natural volume and “messiness” are what makes it fun in the first place.
A very versatile cut, a shag haircut suits any length and hair type. So if you are getting bored of your curly bob or long straight hair, this cut is an easy way to take your look from boring to edgy. A little sexy, a little sassy and a little dishevelled, this cut will give heavy dull hair some volume and life, and any short bob the air and youth it needs to look chic once more.
How it works
  1. Hair stylists use a razor (instead of scissors) to achieve a softer, feminine look, along with the hairstyle’s signature choppy layers.
  2. A fuller, voluminous crown is created on top with layers.
  3. Bangs and layers are sculpted and placed strategically to frame your face perfectly and balance out your features. 
Since a shag haircut works on most hair textures and lengths, you can turn up the edge with any of these styles. 
  • Classic shag: Suited for medium or long hair, it’s all about layers, with a long side-swept bang to frame the face. 
  • Messy shag: A shag that’s messier than usual, get that rockstar vibe with hair that looks naturally messy, on purpose. 
  • Shag with bangs: Very choppy with plenty of layering, the most iconic bangs for this cut are straight across the forehead.
  • Short shag: Great for those with short bobs to begin with, this style is all about feathery soft ends, with choppy layers from the front to the back. 
  • Shag with highlights: Choose to add in pops of colour in the form of highlights to create even more texture.
  • Curly shag: A great way to modernise a curly bob. 
Glam, set, go!
Get your shag haircut at De Arte Hair Studio located at Northpoint City and Tampines 1, and grab a complimentary Miyaki Emollient Serum (worth $38) when you spend a minimum of $198 (valid till 30 November 2020). 

Beauty Makeover #5: Enjoy sun-kissed locks with a balayage hair treatment 

If you’re thinking of hair colour inspiration, head to Karva Salon for Ladies for hand-painted
balayage highlights.
What is Balayage?
Unlike traditional highlights that appear as harsh lines of colour in your hair, balayage highlights is a technique that gives you natural sunkissed highlights, to look as if they’ve formed naturally. Imagine spending time in the sun and your hair starts to lighten at the tips, that’s the effect we’re going for here. 
Pronounced “ba-lee-ahge”, this hair dye technique has been appearing on Hollywood celebs lately, and is only getting more popular because of how effortlessly fresh it looks. The term comes from the French word “balayer” which means “to sweep”. It refers to the way the hair dye is painted on for a more gradual, smooth and natural colouring, instead of the obvious strips you get with traditional highlights. 
Why you need it
This is an ideal low-maintenance treatment to transform your hair colour. Rather than having obvious highlights, you get very natural, sunkissed looking contrasts of tones and shades. Because this unique colouring suits any hair style, you can easily request for it during your next visit to the hairdresser!
How it works
  1. Traditional highlights require foiling or capping, but balayage is all about painting the colour on freehand, which is the secret to how the lighter and darker tones blend seamlessly together. 
  2. Because it’s done by hand, you can decide how gradual you want the colour change to happen from root to tip, it should be tailored based on your original hair colour, texture and length. 
  3. With this technique, your stylist can bring out or soften certain facial features, by applying the colour in specific areas, and with a shade that works best for your skin tone.
It typically starts with your original colour at the scalp and gradually grows lighter toward the bottom, with no appearance of harsh lines or stripes in-between. Because it maintains your root colour and looks naturally formed, it requires less maintenance than usual dye treatments even when your roots grow out, with only six to eight months needed between visits. 
Glam, set, go!
Get your sunkissed balayage highlights at Karva Salon for Ladies located at Northpoint City. They now offer a “Karva Creative Colour” package that includes one colour, one bleach and one treatment for just $200 to $350.

Beauty Makeover #6: Look effortlessly elegant with a Korean perm

The Korean perm is all about finding the right curl shape and placement of curls for you,
best achieved by hair artists at Apgujeong Hair Salon.
What is a Korean perm? 
The most popular hair makeover to get these days is definitely the Korean perm. You’ve probably heard of Japanese perm, digital perm, cold perm and more, but the K-perm is the most sought after. What makes this perm so special? If you’ve been keeping up with your K-dramas, it’s all about the soft, breezy and natural waves.

Why you need it
The whole idea behind the Korean perm is that gorgeous loose waves frame your face very strategically, to create the illusion of both a smaller face and a V-shaped visage. 
There are two general types of curls you can go for. The “S-Curl” which features more relaxed waves and looks good on any hair length. Or, the “C-Curl” for tighter curls designed to frame your face and enhance the jawline a lot more, and suits medium length hair. Of course, you can go for a mix of the two!
How it works
  1. First, you will experience a specific type of haircut which is more “Korean” in terms of how it contours and brings out your facial features. Your hair stylist should sculpt your fringe, sideburns and everything in between to balance out and flatter your face.
  2. The perm happens next. The direction and placement of curls should be customised to help bring out your V-shaped jawline. Usually, Korean perms feature much looser curls than traditional perms, to provide you with a natural breezy look.
  3. Finally, the treatment. It is as important as the perm for healthy, shiny and long-lasting curls.
The key to a Korean perm is also the treatment post-perm, so you walk out with a head of soft healthy hair, and is what completes the polished and elegant look! 
Whether you choose to have looser natural waves or dramatic curls, this is a low maintenance perm because it emphasises protecting and repairing the hair after the perm. The results last about three to six months, with instantly natural curls right after. On a daily basis, little effort is needed for everyday styling, but do check with your stylist for maintenance and styling tips anyways! 
Glam, set, go!
Get your Korean perm at Apgujeong Hair Salon located at Hougang Mall, Tampines 1, Tiong Bahru Plaza and Waterway Point. While you’re there, enjoy their “Buy-4-Get-1-Free” Christmas promotion on hair care products to keep your locks well-nourished!

Beauty Makeover #7: Get modern minimalist with an updated French manicure 

Who says a French manicure has to be white? Make it your own with an updated French manicure from
Pixie Nail Spa.

What is an updated French manicure?
You know what they say about fashion: what goes around, comes around. In this case, it’s the French mani, striking back after a decade of lying low. Thankfully, it’s back with a lot more jazz and “oomph”, and now features either a pop of bright colour, a twist of modern geometry, or more innovative twists, but with the same minimalist feel we so enjoyed in the early 2000s. 
Why you need it
The great thing about the French manicure is it’s simplicity, elegance and sophistication. Now, imagine just the right touch of creativity and colour added to that, and you’ve got the perfect mani that can match any outfit from street, to formal, to extravagant. C'est magnifique!

How it works
  1. Clean nails are trimmed to your desired length. A little tip here: avoid trimming your nails too short or close to your fingertips for a more flattering look.
  2. After nails are filed, buffed, soaked, cuticles are pushed back. 
  3. A classic pale pink, cream or clear colour base coat is applied to each nail.
  4. The creativity begins here, where the colour of your choice is painted on in your chosen French manicure style.
  5. A top coat is applied for protection and longer-lasting colour.
There are countless ways to get creative with the updated French mani, so here are our six favourite versions.
  • Reverse French: We’re bored with those white tips, so let’s paint on the bases of your nails instead. All you need is to paint a little half-moon shape in the same colour on the base of each nail.
  • Wavy French: Instead of the usual straight white line at the tip of your nails, try a wavy edge! It’s simple and very cute.
  • Rainbow: Why stick to one colour when you can have it all? Turn up the fun by painting each tip a different colour!
  • Edgy: Instead of the classic straight line, go for a bold slanted angle at every tip. C'est moderne! Très chic!
  • Super minimalist: Now how French can you get? Go for a neutral base coat with a thin line at the tip of each nail. 
Glam, set, go!
Experience a classic gelish manicure and French Nail Art package for only $78 (U.P. $106) at Pixie Nail Spa, located at Causeway Point, Tampines 1, Northpoint City and Waterway Point.
After any one, two or three of these makeovers, you can be pretty certain that you will be turning heads and rocking up to meetings or get-togethers like a completely new person. The best thing about these eyebrows, nails, hair, and skin makeovers? They are not only tailored to flatter and enhance your unique features, but can be customised to bring out your style and personality too. 
Last but not least, we hope you discover a happier, more beautiful and confident version of you along the way.