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A BETTER WEIGHT LOSSAND CONTOURING PHILOSOPHY BodyWerkz has been the experts in weight management since 2006. We have helped thousands of women and celebrities regain their silhouette without dieting, pills and injections. Combining Science, Tradition and Technology, this proven multi-faceted approach is effective with results that last. WHY DIETS AND EXERCISESMAY NOT WORK FOR SLIMMING Diets crash the body’s metabolism and enters into starvation mode to preserve nutrients. Ultimately the body loses proportionately more lean mass and water than fat. Diets and treatments that only induce dehydration are not sustainable and will cause weight rebounds with little fat loss results. Exercise can benefit 98% of the population. However, targeting fat loss from exercising is not the only way to increase lean mass and burn fat. The wrong type of exercise may even bulk up the body. OUR TREATMENT PROMISE Gain lean mass, lose fat and improve body hydration. Every visit* targets more than 100 grams of pure fat and burns about 400 – 900 kcals. These results persist for a few days and the right food combination, will contribute to a sensible weight loss journey that lasts a lifetime. BODY BALANCE COMPOSITION Body Balance Composition determines the body’s fat percentage, water percentage and lean mass beyond a traditional weight scale. This process defines how we determine the correct slimming approach for your health and efficacy during the treatment process.